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Other Employee Benefit Services

Our services to you and your employees include:

  A Regular call by our Service Representative

  We are in touch with you at least once a month to be on top of any problems or changes that you or the government may be considering. So you don’t have to remember to call – we call you.
  Resource Center
  You can call us for benefit information at any time.  If we don’t have the answers, we get them.  If you wish, our service can extend to your employees, so they can call us about benefits.
  We prepare it.  It can then go from you to your employees.  It reviews financial and benefit ideas as they relate to your employees’ needs.  For example, a recent letter discussed the changes in out-of-country health coverage.
  Specialty Claims Services
  Employers usually feel their responsibility ends when an employee dies and a substantial insurance cheque is paid.  In our experience we have found a very negative (though unintentional) impact can often be left with remaining employees. These employees are often in touch with the deceased’s spouse and hear of the many difficulties she or he has in settling claims.  The survivor may also be receiving the largest amount of money he/she has ever seen – with no idea of how to manage it.  We offer to personally handle all death claims, assuring that a partial cheque is issued immediately and the remainder as soon as possible and we make every attempt to see the survivor or family in person.
We also have a survivor’s kit that outlines all the areas that should be covered, and provides the forms required (Canada Pension Plan, other life insurance, credit cards, club memberships, RRSP roll-overs, filing income tax returns for the deceased and so on). We provide a similar service for long-term disabled employees, particularly rehabilitative services that can help make them productive members of society again.
Finally, it is often important to have an arbitrator for claim disputes.  It is awkward for an employer to make such decisions.  We provide this service.
  We offer a wide range of seminars covering your retirement and benefit programs that can be given to selected groups of your employees at any time.
  Other Group Benefits 
  The less costly, though valuable, ‘employee retention’ benefits include:  Group Home and Car Insurance, Group Critical Illness, Group RRSPs, Optional Life, Group AD&D, Group Legal and Group Pet Care Insurance.  In addition, we can design and implement savings plans and other types of financial reward programs to enhance employee appreciation of existing plans and of financial planning in general.  We also arrange Employee Assistance Plans (EAP).
  Employee Benefit Software
  In conjunction with Whitecap Canada Inc. we have co-developed an affordable internet based administration solution called WEBS™ that can accommodate both flexible and traditional benefit plans.  Whether you are an employee wanting to enroll or an administrator needing to do a billing or payroll export all you need is access to the internet.  WEBS™ provides a comprehensive set of tools to handle every aspect of your benefit plan administration.

Our most valuable resource is the personal commitment of Jeff Case, Michael Thomas, their Associates and Staff to our clients.  That is what makes the Investment Guild a unique place to come for financial and insurance service.
 Other resources include:
          An in-house Group Insurance & Pension planning library
          Through affiliation many of the top financial and tax planning
                 experts in Canada
          On-line computer system for Annuity, RRSP, GIC, RRIF and
                 LIF quotes

         Membership of and information from:
          The Canadian Tax Foundation     
The International Foundation of Employee Benefits
   The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association        
The Pension Commission of Ontario
          Advocis (The Financial Advisors Association of Canada)
          Conference of Advanced Underwriting
          Institute of Chartered Life Underwriters
          Canada Pension & Benefits Institute


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