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06/03 - W. Michael Thomas   
What's New In Employee Stock Options
".. There have been a couple of recent developments concerning the taxation of employee stock options however,
before discussing these, a quick review of the taxation of stock options is in order. Options give employees .."

02/03 - Benefit Practices   
Flexible Group Insurance Programs - "Self-Service Employee Benefits
".. The first ‘Flex Benefits Plan’ in Canada was set up in British Columbia by the Cominco Mining Company in the
1970s. It is estimated there are over 500 companies in Canada with some form of Flexible Employee .."

02/03 - Benefit Practices   
Getting a Handle on Absenteeism
".. Ongoing economic challenges are putting stress on employers’ ability to manage employee absenteeism and
return-to-work programs. This finding was reported in Watson Wyatt’s latest Staying at Work survey done .."


09/02 - Benefit Practices   
Index of Addresses and Internet Sites
".. Often times the information needed by the Human Resources professional is located in multiple sources.
In this article I thought an index of these sources, particularly their websites, would be a valuable  .."

01/02 - Benefit Practices   
Health Care Spending Accounts
".. Said to be the vehicle that provides the ultimate flexibility in benefits programs, the health care spending
account (HCSA) is gaining in popularity. The HCSA is an individual employee account that provides .."

01/02 - Employment Practices Liability   
Employment Practices Liability Unveiling The Exposure
".. The increasing number of claims and legal actions brought on by current and former employees has caught
the attention of Canadian employers. Since the recession and subsequent downsizing in the corporate  .."

01/02 - Bill C-6 Update   
New Federal Legislation Protecting Personal Information
".. In April 2000, the new Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Bill C-6) was passed
into law. Bill C-6 applies to all private sector organizations, and is intended to protect individuals against .."

01/02 - Benefit Practices   
A Glossary of Employee Benefit Terms
".. There are many terms used in the human resources area whose definitions we may not fully know or
we may be mistaken in our understanding of the term. I have compiled here a list of many common  .."

04/01 - Benefit Practices   
Ontario Pension Reform
".. Regardless of their current residence, former employees will be eligible for the benefits described in this
article if they are former members of a pension plan that is registered in Ontario. Similarly, former .."

09/97 - Government Tables Final CPP Legislation   
Reporting Injuries and Illnesses
".. If an employee at your workplace was injured or became ill on the job, would your company know what
forms must be submitted by law, when, and to whom? In Ontario, the Workers’ Compensation Act .."

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