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The Investment Guild is a People Corporation company
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The Investment Guild is a People Corporation company. At People Corporation, we are committed to providing our client plan members access to an exclusive suite of products and services through MY PREFERRED BENEFITS.

At the Investment Guild, we are dedicated to giving back to our community. Learn about our commitment to the Daily Bread Food Bank here:


Our philosophy is to bring sound, practical and creative solutions to the individual challenges of our clients.

Clients of The Investment Guild know there is something special about the way we do business.

The nature of the group insurance business is personal. We set out in 1981 to build a small but highly specialized organization to serve the insurance and financial needs of a select group of people and companies. Today the people and companies that are clients of the Investment Guild are enjoying the results.

The decisions you make today can affect the quality of your life, and your employees' for decades to come. So trust means a great deal.

Our client relationships tend to be personal and long term. Of course, most financial and insurance advisors talk about personal attention; but by limiting our size and spending more time with our clients we really make it happen.

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